Monthly Notice


It has been a busy summer for me and I am sure for you as well!  I hope this letter finds all of you ready and eager to embrace the fall weather.

We will resume our usual monthly WPA meetings at the Red Lion the first Thursday of the month, so the next meeting will be September 6th at 6:00PM.  I arranged to reserve the usual meeting room on the first floor.  The Red Lion staff asked me if we had any suggestions for different food items on the menu.  So think about a dish you would like to see on the menu.  You may indicate your choice on the menu they provide.

Our speaker next Thursday, September 6th will be Brian Thompson.  He will give an overview of the ins and outs of back country airstrips.  And he may have pictures!

Also, our last poker run of the season is September 8th, next Saturday!  This crept up on me!  I am going to need volunteers to distribute the buckets, stuff the envelopes with the poker cards, signage, etc…SO PLEASE HELP ME OUT!!  This poker run will be similar to the Amazing race poker run with the exception that we will be flying in ONE direction.  And as always, you will not know where you are going until you get there.  I will have pizza and pop afterward.  Tell your friends and enemies, well maybe not your enemies, but please get the word out!  We will try to launch around 8:00AM.

Tom had mentioned to me early this spring that there is a signup sheet above the refrigerator for individuals to bring donuts and coffee to the Airpark.  We meet every Saturday, so sign up!

Well that is all for now.  Hope to see everyone at our meeting this Thursday and I look forward to seeing you at our poker run!

Cindy Fahsholtz
Yakima Chapter WPA President

Chapter Officers

Cindy Fahsoltz – President

Dennis Klingele – Vice President

John Vornbrock – Secretary

Mike Bull – Treasurer

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